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Transformable furniture for studio apartments.

In fact even in small apartments it is possible to have the setting that allows the dwellers enjoy available space and still have all the furniture necessary for comfortable life. This becomes true due to multifunctional transformable furniture that can be converted to various furniture items.

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Choosing furniture

Above all when choosing transformable furniture one should know what particular furniture items are necessary for a studio apartment. Typically these are:

  • a bed;
  • a wardrobe;
  • a dining table;
  • a sofa.

When the choice is made, it is time to go to a furniture store with a great variety of beds, wardrobes and transformable sofas.

Buying transformable furniture for studio apartments, bear I mind that it is multipurpose and suits any style interior. Comprehensive interior designers make the best use of this unique trait of transformable furniture.

A wall (Murphy) bed.

A wall bed or a Murphy bed – is the most requested piece of furniture for compact apartments. Secure lifting mechanism keeps the bed close to the wall thus saving space in the living room. Folded bed visually merges with the furnishings and looks like a cabinet. There are also models that transform to a cabinet and a sofa or side desk.

Another apparent advantage of a wall bed is that the dwellers can easily transform their living space: with a subtle motion of a hand the bed is hidden in the cabinet and then easily unfolded back.

Convenient deskbed.

Another convenient and functional finding for a studio apartment is a transformable deskbed, the working place of which can be easily converted to the sleeping place and back. A deskbed would perfectly suit students or families with pupils. A deskbed is recommended for a multifunctional space for a teenager or a working and sleeping zone for a student.

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Double tier sofabed.

Contemporary transformable furniture goes beyond a conventional sofabed. Modern transformer combines a sofa and a bunkbed, thus saving space and providing two beds. It is especially convenient for the families having two children.

Cabinet transformable furniture can make a revolution in a small studio apartment. It and make the apartment most cozy, and comfortably accommodate a family consisting of a few persons.

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