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The secrets of an orthopedic bedbase.

Everyone knows that sleep is health, and good sleep is good health for many years!

A lot is written about a well thought choice of an orthopedic mattress, yet it is little information on the significance of an orthopedic bedbase.

So then a bedbase is an inconspicuous but irreplaceable part of a bed, its base. Just a few years ago people simply used conventional wood boards, particle boards or flat veneer.

Now such structural materials for bedbases are almost forgotten. They are replaced by orthopedic effect bedbases.

The structure of an orthopedic bedbase consists of a metal frame with an orthopedic grid of lamellas - birch wood planks. The lamellas are fastened to the metal frame with help of specific holders and are not connected one upon the other. The lamellas have slightly bent shape, due to this the load is evenly distributed on the grid of the bedbase.

This particular feature distinguishes an orthopedic bedbase from a conventional one, as every particular plank adjusts to your body, most properly taking the load.

There are the following advantages of an orthopedic bedbase:

  • Environmental friendliness. As opposed to artificial materials the wooden elements of an orthopedic bedbase are more resilient and do not emit any harmful substances.
  • An orthopedic bedbase has greater strength and has longer service life, compared to a conventional bedbase.
  • An orthopedic bedbase prolongs the mattress service life due to the correct uniform load distribution. It also provides smooth, resilient surface, thus enhancing health-promoting effect of an orthopedic mattress.
  • The grid structure of an orthopedic bedbase provides free way of air to the mattress, thus prolonging its lifetime and enhancing its health-promoting effect. Besides this constant air access prevents accumulation of dust and microbes.
  • Another undeniable advantage is that buying an orthopedic bedbase you can save on expensive orthopedic mattress. Due to an orthopedic bedbase individually adjusts to your body anatomic peculiar features thus bearing the main function of proper rest, there is no necessity to overpay for expensive mattresses. To buy an orthopedic mattress of minimum height and design is enough.

An orthopedic mattress provides point support to your body, and an orthopedic bedbase to this mattress provides resistance to deflection, like a trampoline, enhancing shock-absorbing and supportive features of a mattress. 

Everyone has individual anatomy, and the task of an orthopedic bedbase is to emphasize its features. In tandem with properly chosen mattress you will get an ideal sleeping accommodation.

Sleep with all comfort and pleasure!

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